What is hearing loss?

Hearing loss is a measurable decrease in the ability to perceive sound.

It can be total or partial, gradual or sudden, temporary or permanent. It can affect one ear or both ears. Generally, the risk of suffering hearing loss increases with age.

There are three types of hearing loss. The types of hearing loss are categorized by the part of the auditory system that is damaged.

Why choose Acuity Hearing Centers?

“You hear because we care.”

Everyone has certain gifts in life; ours is the knowledge and ability to solve people’s hearing problems and reconnect them to their families, friends, and the world. We are passionate about serving our community and its families. We want to partner with you to solve your hearing problems for life. 


How To Videos

Need a refresher course on how to change your hearing aid batteries and wax guards?

Watch as Monique, from our Waxahachie location, shows how to change batteries and wax guards in both ReSound and Starkey Hearing Aids.

Sean, from our Keller location, reminds us how to insert our hearing aids. 

Do you suffer from hearing loss?

If so, you are not alone. Studies show at least 20% of Americans over the age of 12 suffer from hearing loss, and many do not realize the severity of their condition or how much it can affect their lives.


20% of Americans report some degree of hearing loss


33% of people have hearing loss after the age of 65


60% of people with hearing loss are in the workforce

Do I need a hearing test?

Do you suspect you might have a hearing loss that needs to be evaluated by a professional?

Take our online hearing test:

Hearing Test Questions

Making the decision to have your hearing tested is the first step towards improving your quality of life. A qualified hearing care professional can tell you whether you have a hearing loss and recommend the best course of action.

Contact us for more information or to set an appointment with one of our trained hearing instrument specialists



How are we different from other Hearing Centers?

At Acuity Hearing Centers we are committed to the “5 Cs” when working with our clients:
caring, concern, compassion, and demonstrating competence and character in our performance.

Hearing Test

First and foremost, we CARE about you as a person. We vow to treat everyone we see with respect, dignity, and kindness. We genuinely want to solve your hearing problems and be your partner for life to find hearing solutions (not just sell you hearing aids).


Your hearing loss is our concern. Together, through education, correctly fitting and programming hearing aids and rehabilitation, we can solve your hearing problem.


We deeply understand how hearing loss affects you and your relationships with family, friends and acquaintances. We desire nothing more than being a part of your hearing solution and reconnecting you to your world.


We have well-trained and knowledgeable clinicians experienced in interfacing the latest hearing aid technology to the human ear, providing you the best hearing experience possible. These clinicians also have state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to discover and solve your hearing problems.


We will always do the right thing for you and your hearing loss. We will educate you and be completely honest with you about your hearing loss. We have the courage to partner with you to solve even the toughest hearing problems. We will accomplish your hearing solution with integrity.

What our clients are saying about us:

Christy and Sean made me feel very welcome. Through the process, they made me feel more like family rather than just a client, not just another “name and a dollar sign” as I felt with larger corporate stores. I am a very satisfied consumer and highly recommend acuity hearing at Keller, TX.

Anthony F.

Fort Worth, TX, 8/27/15

I highly recommend Acuity Hearing Center on Rufe Snow in Keller.  Sean and Christy were excellent in providing the hearing care I needed. After my previous office closed (not Acuity) they were able to determine my hearing aids were still under warranty and correct the problems I was having – all at no additional cost!  


John W.

Fort Worth, TX, 8/13/15

I’m really pleased that Acuity Hearing was more interested in fixing my problem than just selling hearing aids. 

C. Fairchild

Keller, TX, 8/13/15

I just had my examination with Acuity Hearing Center. They gave me so much attention! I could have spent the whole day there.

Virginia R.

Keller, TX, 8/11/15

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